2016 #GRIDLIFE South at Road Atlanta


I am a sucker for anything classic, and for anything unusual. While the 510 has been raced extensively throughout the years, time attack versions are not super common.
Not every race car has to be overflowing with technology. This 510’s interior has just the right tools to get the job done.
Jordan Connor pulled together a best lap of 1:40.537 on the weekend, good for 10th in Track Modified RWD.
BC Racing brought several cars, including this FR-S/BR-Z. Once you modify the heck out of them, does it really matter which one it is? Driver Phil Grabow put down a 1:30.362, earning the win in Unlimited RWD. BC Racing also had a 350Z on hand as well as a drift car or two.
Other than looking totally awesome, I don’t know what this MKIII Supra was doing.
Going hard at Road Atlanta means using all of the track, and the curbing at turn 5 is one of those opportunities where you get to use a little more than the track. A number of S2000s competed, and Jan Raymond Macaspac in the #121 produced a best lap of 1:46.099. But it wasn’t only RWD that showed up to throw down.

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