2016 #GRIDLIFE South at Road Atlanta


Enjuku Racing was out in force, bringing several drift cars in addition to a time attack 350Z. Enjuku has been in the drift scene since the old days, operating out of their central-Florida location for over 16 years now.
Even the showier cars still got out and got it done.
RWD-converted Subarus are always fun to watch.
The Drift Alliance crew is a consistent crowd pleaser. Gittin, Forsberg and Tuerck know how to put on a show, whether together or by themselves.
Um… what exactly is Chris looking at? Dude, the car is going the other way!
Rocket Bunny makes some visually stunning kits, and the “Boss” V2 kit is no exception. The car could only have looked better if it had its hood on.
In addition to the drift and time attack festivities, a full HPDE event happens throughout the weekend as well. From beginner to advanced, there is a place for everyone on track at #GRIDLIFE. Advanced HPDE drivers also are eligible to participate in the time attack in a class called HPDE Plus.
The LoveFab Enviate Hypercar taking some corners.

#GRIDLIFE is truly an automotive lifestyle event that delivers on the promise of offering something for everyone. their inaugural Road Atlanta event seemed like a great success, and will hopefully return next year.

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