2016 #GRIDLIFE South at Road Atlanta


As is to be expected at any time attack-type event, a smattering of EVOs and Imprezas were out there tearing it up. The #106 GrimmSpeed Impreza was one the more impressive looking ones, and Austin Landon worked his way to a best time of 1:46.020 in Track Modified AWD.
Front-wheel drive entries were also in ample supply. Full-on hard-charging Honda Fit? Yes, please! With a best time of 1:45.146, #101 Track Modified FWD driver Jason Owens was giving even some of the AWD cars a run for it.
Doug Wind and his Modern Performance SRT-4 are an institution in the Southeast, and, really, throughout the country. Despite getting essentially only two laps uninterrupted by electrical gremlins, #109 driver Doug managed to win not only Street Modified FWD but took the overall win in Street Modified – ahead of RWD or AWD options.
The Civic Hatchback is still, to this day, a powerful contender on the track amongst FWD options. The #420 BroFunction EF Honda was piloted to a best lap of 1:38.267 at driver Levi Brown’s hands.
Everyone loves a MKIV Supra out on track. These cars are becoming increasingly rare, so it is always nice to see a clean one in its “natural habitat”. #0 Track Modified RWD driver Chinchi Chiang’s pristine example was able to do a 1:39.486 in his capable hands.
Road Atlanta’s drift history is most closely associated with the 10A-10B and “keyhole” combination that has been used by Formula Drift since its inaugural event in 2004. #GRIDLIFE brought an interesting new chapter to that history by using the downhill esses as an additional drift zone, and drivers were able to hot-lap the circuit utilizing either of these areas.

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