5523 Motorsports: Interview with a Zombie Vampire


Chuck: So what do you call that? VQ37?

Nick Hunter: VQ37HR pretty much. (Not to be confused with a production VQ37VHR).

Chuck: Something that technically doesn't exist, but it does here in Zombieland.  So how much power was that putting down?

Nick Hunter: With JE Pistons and JWT cams, right around 400 on a Dynapak, this was before they did more development, it's probably more now.

Zombies… check!!!

Joe: You look like you're from the East Coast somewhere, are you from Pennsylvania?

Chuck: No dumbass, he's from Transylvania, that's where Zombie Vampires come from!

Joe: Zombie Vampire, like Thriller meets Count Chocula, what's the deal with that nickname anyways?

How Zombie Vampires usually look in photos.  Unlike Chuck though, at least something in the photo is sharp…

Nick Hunter: As best I understand it, I came out blurry in all of Chuck's photos, and you know how vampires don't show up in photos, and then all of you know I also don't sleep… and then these jerkwads like to make up names… to make a long story short, instead of Chuck the photographer catching crap for having a case of the crazy arms and not knowing how to use his camera, I got a stupid nickname…

Joe: Chuck likes to give stuff nicknames, because that's smart, like getting drunk off pancakes.  I have noticed that you've been up at ungodly hours posting your progress on this motor on Facebook, we know you're a zombie, but how do you not sleep?

Nick Hunter: Sleep in a bottle pretty much.. and brains of course!!

Joe: So what's your background? How did you get started with all of this building cars stuff? And what is 5523 Motorsports?  Are you trying to bring back OG pager codes or something?

ZV: As a kid, I knew this guy, a neighbor…

Chuck: …and what did this neighbor do to you?

Nick Hunter: Not everyone had neighbors like you did Chucky… Anyways, he was a Benz technician and kicked ass at it, and pretty much inspired me to pursue automotive *tear*(-_-).  As for 5523, if you translate to Japanese, it becomes “Go Go Ni-San”

Joe: The best kind of Go-Go I've heard of since Go-Go Taquitos. Clever Zombie!  

JDM booty lube + GT-R juice, something tells me big things go on around here

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