5523 Motorsports: Interview with a Zombie Vampire


Chuck: So what's it putting down?

Nick Hunter: I think he's doing 346hp at 10lbs or close to that

Mike's duties for the day, supervise assembly of the head drink Diet Coke.

Chuck: In a Miata… This is definitely what Mike would drive if he finally came to terms with himself.  What was the most interesting car you guys have thrown together?

Nick Hunter: That'd probably have to be when we took a 4G Civic station wagon and put a B18C5 in it and made a road race car. 

Joe: The Wagovan of all Wagovans???

Chuck: Oh great, now you got Joe walking around here with a big old hard-on.  (I love the wagovan.)

Joe: Schwing!!! We really should get back to work… Are there any shout-outs you wanna give?

Nick Hunter: For sure, to Jen of course, and also my buddy John Wemigwans (Wigwam), who helps out big time around here, you both kick ass!

Joe: Thanks for your time Nick!


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