5523 Motorsports: Interview with a Zombie Vampire


Nick Hunter: My biggest pet peeve is GT-R owners who cheap out on getting quality work done.  Seriously, you wouldn't believe all the crap I've seen done to them!  Makes zombie angarrrryyyy!!

Joe: Sounds like someone's gonna be busy around here. You're the Captain save-a-hoe of GT-Rs I think. Any dream projects for you guys?

Jen: I'm a Rotary girl at heart, I've got my project already, an FB RX-7, but I guess if could have anything, it'd have to be a Cosmo.

Under the hood of Ms. 5523 Motorsports' FB, old school Racing Beat!

Nick Hunter: For me, an R32 probably, but if all logic was thrown out the window, KPGC10 with an S20, built of course!

Is that Annie Sam's shrunken head on top of Nicks project car?  Apparently, he's a Witch Doctor too.  

Joe: So clearly, Mr. Go-Go Nissan, we all know what your focus is on here, but do you work on anything else?  My trusty Prelude needs its muffler bearings changed soon.

Nick Hunter: For sure, I work on anything, as long as people wanna go fast and wanna do it the right way.

Joe: I know you've put in some serious time on this little project motor for Chuck, you can obviously build an engine, what else do you do for customers at your shop?

Chuck: Yeah Nick, I noticed you have some private areas in this shop, what do you do in there?

Nick Hunter: Usually I don't build 'punch yourself in the balls' engines that try to make power with LESS displacement for starters, and secondly, two words, yo momma!  To answer the real question, we do everything here, build engines, swap engines, race prep, and even repair work, like this Sentra over here that John's working on, which is getting a new motor and turbo.

Chuck: We see that there's a Miata outside, did Mike Kojima come out of the closet finally?

Nick Hunter: Oh, that's a customer car, he did a 2.3 swap from a Mazda6 in his backyard and then he decided he wanted boost so we took a turbo kit the customer had found that wasn't gonna cut it and re-engineered a quality turbo kit for him.

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