5523 Motorsports: Interview with a Zombie Vampire


Joe: Speaking of clever zombies, I hear you work on GT-R's these days, is this true?

Nick Hunter: Yeah, pretty much, I'm ASE master certified and a Nissan master technician in addition to being GT-R certified and HEV certified.

Joe: Quite the range, going from GT-Rs to Leafs, or leaves?  What is the plural of Nissan Leaf?  Prii??  Whatever… Moving on… 

Nick Hunter and Jen Drach of 5523 Motorsports (and Chuck demonstrating how SR15VE race motors get paid for).

Joe: Why don't you introduce us to the better looking half of 5523 Motorsports?

Nick Hunter: Hey everyone, meet Jen!

Joe: Nice to meet you Jen!  I noticed that the other half of the shop is way too clean to have been Nick, so I knew there had to be someone else at work here.  I'm guessing you're the element of sanity around here?

You'd never know we were in a shop…

Jen: Pretty much, I handle all of the customers, all the stuff with the state, vendors, and also specialize in bringing people back to reality, because no, we can't build you a 1000hp engine for $1000.00.

Joe: A dollar per horsepower, sign me up!

Nick Hunter: Jen's also a great wrench; she just doesn't like doing it!!

Odd contraption removed from a customer car

Joe: So as business partners, what kinds of things bug you guys the most?

Jen: Shoddy work!  Half the time we're sitting here fixing other peoples' mistakes!

Nothing flows like a nice hacked up 90 degree bend as your turbo outlet pipe, if anything on your car looks like this, you done messed up son (also removed from a customer car).

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