A Look Inside the Mackin Industries/Turn 14 Distribution FR-S Pikes Peak Car


The huge oil cooler uses ducting to divert all the air through the core.  Ducting increases a cooler's efficiency by at least 100%.  Most people overlook it as well when building their own cars.
The stock FR-S brakes have always been a weak point when making lots of power.  The brakes have been upgraded with Project Mu 4 piston calipers and lightweight slotted two piece rotors. The front struts are KW Motorsports 3-Way adjustable units.  The KW struts are inverted shaft in design for maximum stiffness and feature linear bearings for minimal sliding friction.  Super trick stuff.
Whiteline's large diameter 2-way adjustable anti sway bars are used in the front suspension.  You can't see it here but but Whiteline's roll center and bump steer correction kit is used as well as their lower control arm caster increasing and anti diver reducing pivot bushings.  The front suspension is pretty well identical to our own Project FR-S.
The cannister for the KW shocks contains the valving for high and low speed compression damping and the adjusters.  Having these easy to reach is pretty handy, especially for testing. The KW camber plates were flipped for additional caster and the camber is adjusted at the knuckle.
The rear brakes use a stock diameter Project Mu slotted rotor and a two piston caliper.
GT Spec toe rods and adjustable lower control arms are used.  You can see the solid aluminum subframe bushings and the upper control arm bushings are also Whiteline parts in the stock arm. 

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