A Look Inside the Mackin Industries/Turn 14 Distribution FR-S Pikes Peak Car


Here is to show cars and hella flush fans.
Evasive's Mike Chang was the first driver to take the car on a shake down. Evasive's normal driver, Rob Walker was in Europe and not available for testing. Mike drives the Evasive Evo in Time Attack.  
Mike reported that the car's basic balance was okay but the car hopped around on bumps and under braking.  He also reported that the car understeered in mid turn but oversteered on corner exit.  Checking temps indicated that our baseline alignment setting were probably good but the Toyo RR tires would like less pressure than we typically run with an FR-S.  The temps also indicated that the balance was close.
Chris Marion made some changes to the shocks.  I felt that the car only needed shock and tire pressure changes because the base line settings were way off.  No problem this is easy for the pros to figure out and KW's have a huge adjustment range.
Meanwhile Evasive's Kelvin Young checks the engine's data logs and does some minor tuning changes to the MoTeC.
Kelvin sets the boost levels and does some minor tweaks to the AFR since this was the first time that the car was run on Ethanol. 

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