A Look Inside the Mackin Industries/Turn 14 Distribution FR-S Pikes Peak Car


An ATL fuel cell is used which is a great help for safety.  A good thing because Pikes Peak crashes can be long and violent. The Ignite 114 ethanol fuel is pumped by a Bosch 044 motorsports fuel pump.  The fuel pressure is maintained by an Aeromotive pressure regulator.  A Radium Engineering surge tank is used to prevent fuel starvation under cornering and the whole deal is plumbed with Earl's E85 compatible hose and fittings.
All of the fuel system is provided by Radium Engineering from the bulkhead fittings and filters to the fuel rails.
A Voltex single element wing is used to provide some rear downforce.  A Gurney Flap improves the downforce with minimal drag increase.  This is not a super duper rear wing but Time Attack 1 class has some rules limiting aero and no time or budget was available to do a lot in the aero department other than simple common sense aero mods. 
The Rocket Bunny nose was modified with a larger APR splitter and belly pan, some small canards and some stagnation arches.  Again nothing radical but simple low budget common sense mods.  The belly pan bolts directly to the chassis for support of it and the front splitter.
An off the shelf APR rear diffuser was modified for the single exit center exhaust.  Blowing the top of the diffuser with the exhaust stream helps activate flow inside of it. 
Mackin's Phil Chase is adjusting the alternator belt.  Phil is a pretty talented guy who can do anything from fabbing race cars to marketing. 

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