Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 2 – Mounting the Fuel Cell

When we last left our Project SC300, aka “Damnit”, we had just sat the new Fuel Safe/Radium Engineering fuel cell into the trunk area in order to mark out where we would cut. We had also removed the rest of the factory stock hard fuel lines to make way for our fancy new braided stainless lines that we will assemble ourselves. Now follow along as we mount the cell in place.

Whenever you are cutting or drilling on a car, make sure to check out what’s beneath.

In the case of the SC300, the rear brake channel main hard line runs down the driver side of the vehicle and then comes to a tee near the left rear wheel. The right rear line then goes around the front of the spare tire well to the right caliper. Be very careful when you cut out the spare well as this line is tucked very close to it, and it would be very easy to slice through.

Here’s what comes out of the car. Generally, I tend to keep just about everything that comes off of the Lexus. This, though, I think I can safely part with.

Once the square hole was cut out, it was much easier to access things inside the trunk area.

Unfortunately, a quick inspection revealed that both the exhaust and the rear sway bar would be in the way of mounting the fuel cell as low as we wanted. Some custom work would be required to do the best job possible.

The original dual exhaust on the car sure looked cool, but it wasn’t necessarily any better than a single exhaust, so we cut off the entire thing just in front of the Y split. Once the cell was mounted we figured out how to route the new piping.

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