Formula Drift Round 4: Wall Speedway


Formula Drift Round 4: Wall Speedway

by Sarah Forst

Wall Speedway isn't called “The Gauntlet” for nothing.  Gauntlet: a metal armored glove meant to protect during combat.

At the Wall, the gauntlet is the guardrail at the top of the bank – an industrial strength can opener with a 30 degree bank that shreds any fender, bumper, or tire that dares to get too close. Throw in some East Coast thunderstorms and you're guaranteed a good show. The Long Beach, Atlanta, and Orlando events produced four drivers who made it to the podium in 2 of 3 rounds- Aurimas Bakchis, Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, and Ken Gushi with the top spot at Long Beach going to last year's FD Wall winner- Fredric Aasbo. Could he make the Wall his bitch again?


mohanThis clipping point got ROCKED by Kyle Mohan during practice rounds, virtually decapitating the poor thing.
NgCharles Ng failed to qualify for the Top 32 battle. He's currently in 24th place overall but he puts up a good smokestack.
CastroYokoi's drifting style is “balls to the Wall's” clipping point.
StonebackStoneback doing squats.
SavageJames Evans managed to qualify 14th despite 0 points on this run due to the hooker in his trunk pulling the release at the first switchback. 

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