Formula Drift Round 4: Wall Speedway


Gittin JrVaughn Gittin Jr.qualified 12th with his high line on the bank, aggressive style, and billowing smoke rings.
WicknickPardon me, but I think your bumper is a touch loose.
HohnadellHohnadell demonstrates what becomes of bumpers left on track as the 19 year old demolishes this one.
FieldField qualified 16th and took the unanimous decision as Grunewald over-rotated in the Top 32 challenge.
YoshiharaDai Yoshihara battled ECU, electronics and fuel delivery issues all weekend and also ruptured the metal diaphragm in his oil pressure sender unit, dumping a few gallons at the start line. With his crew failing to get the car running correctly, he qualified 20th but failed to advance in his first round battle against Wang.
JonesJeff Jones qualified 22nd in his LS1 turbocharged S14.

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