A SEMA Newb’s Perspective


Yup, even the new C7 has been besmirched with the blasphemous flares. Alright, I think I’ve beaten this horse enough. I’m done.
Okay okay, I lied! But this great white RWB Porsche was nestled in the KW Suspension booth, and is one of the few exceptions to my rant against bolted flares. I really don’t care for most of the cars built by RWB, but I think the neutral color helps add some subtlety which offsets the eye catching body kit.
There was one recently resurrected legend of stance culture that made me begrudgingly admit I was a fan of. The near-mythical and immortal BMW of Mike Burroughs known around the world as Rusty Slammington.
In a past life, Rusty was a rat-rodded E28 sedan known for that static hellaflush lifestyle, bruh. In 2011 a garage fire would take Rusty off the road, while the internet murmured softly in the meantime about a potential rebuild.
It would appear that the current iteration became much more serious over the past few years. Tucked deep into the tube frame chassis is a high compression, dry sumped, 3.7L S38 engine with ITBs that was built by VAC Motorsports and a custom header by PFM Autosport that dumps out the passenger side rocker. The factory suspension has been replaced with a custom double A-arm suspension with pushrods that work the inboard H&R coilovers.
No longer a sedan, Burroughs’ E28 has been shortened by about twelve inches and has been widened significantly. In the rear you can see the 19”x14.5” center lock BBS wheels, with a pair of 16”x12” at the front that are wrapped in meaty Hoosier slicks.

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