A SEMA Newb’s Perspective


In the rear of the car a fuel cell, dual pumps, and surge tank occupies what used to be the trunk, with the filler neck for the cell reaching up to the chopped top. A diffuser pokes out between the widened and vented rear fenders. Needless to say, I don’t think anyone expected such a performance oriented return.
This H1 is larger than life and, apparently, equipped to find ants in four dimensions. Which is pretty impressive, I think.
Mishimoto went against the grain, and decided to use a tank instead of a show car to market their cooling products. I’m not entirely sure I understand the association, but it definitely turned heads and drew in a crowd.
The display walls of Mackin Industries were covered in strong, lightweight, and good looking wheels from Yokohama and Rays. I wish the walls of my garage looked this cool.
Ford had one of the biggest displays, as well as one of the most impressive.
There was a variety of new Fords that had been decked out by different customs shops, but the one that really caught my eye was this Gulf liveried Raptor. Those colors look good on just about anything.

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