AES Auto: A Civic for Street and Strip!


The Pro C coilovers allow for ease of height adjustment and 12-way adjustable valving. One neat feature that Skunk2 offers is the ability to purchase replacement dampers, thus avoiding the downtime required for a coilover rebuild.
As a writer and driver, most of my time is spent in Time Attack and road race environments, thus when I saw the battery mounted sideways in the front passenger corner I was surprised. Then realized that this was part of the weight strategy to keep traction on the front end. FWD drag racers want weight pulling the front down.
This spring AES Auto ordered two of K-Tuned's Billet RSX shifters. One is a KTD-RSX-PRO Race Spec shifter that will be going into a client's car shortly. The other is a KTD-RSX-SFT standard shifter that has gone into the AES Auto Civic. Both shifters are set up with K-Tuned's Billet Shift Stops. There is no question that Paulo believes that this is a great addition to his car- especially when coupled with the K-Tuned Shifter cables.
The K-Tuned Billet Shifter is an awesome bolt-in piece that is in keeping with the philosophy of AES Auto for this Civic. That is to use parts that are readily available for clients who are looking for upgrading their car for maximum performance while still being reasonably priced. K-Tuned parts absolutely meet that need.

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