AES Auto: A Civic for Street and Strip!


While we are inside the car, we can take a closer look. The driver's seat is a Kirkey aluminum racing seat – literally one of my personal favourites. A G-Force camlock 5 point harness keeps the driver in place. An NHRA approved 10 point roll bar is installed. Carpet and radio have been deleted, but you'll note that otherwise the dash and door panels are all in place. The steering wheel has been replaced with a Personal steering wheel from Japan. Tucked away in the cabin is a Hondata K-Pro version 4 to allow for engine tuning.
When you've got a car running 150 mph in the quarter mile, you need to have sufficient safety equipment in place.
The AES Auto team pitches in when more than two hands are required for a task – and that was certainly the case when fitting and welding in the 10 point roll cage.
A tube notcher. There are times when what seems like a challenging task to a fabricating newbie becomes so simple. Go and get the tube notcher and go to work! Those complex cuts are, when the tube notcher is in the right hands, suddently easy to accomplish.

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