AES Auto: A Civic for Street and Strip!


There are those who can weld and those who cannot, but probably wish that they could! Paulo can weld. This cage is certified 8.5 – meaning that the NHRA will allow this car to run as fast as 8.5 seconds. Once it hits that, then additional safety gear is required.
We're going to have to go back and take another look – not sure if this Civic still has cup holders for Tim Horton's coffee!
The front Belak wheels are 15×10 and weigh 9.8 pounds. With the tires mounted, I think that they weigh less than most road race wheels before the tires are installed. Behind the wheels are Type S factory LSD axles that are 36mm in diameter. The rear wheels are 15×4. Mickey Thompson drag slicks are on both front and rear wheels.
The axles connect to a 2002 Civic SiR transmission with an RSX 4.3 final drive. Competition Clutch's twin plate 4-8037 C provides the strength to put the engine's over 600 whp to the track. Paulo often jokes about having enough spare parts in his shop to build a complete additional car. From the horde of transmissions, you can see that he likely isn't joking.
This photo was taken before the carbon fibre plates were installed on the bumper cover to stop the flow of air into the wheel wells. As you can see, this bumper scooped massive amounts of unnecessary air and into car cavities with absolutely no purpose.

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