ALPHAequipt Silverado Command Wheels & Falken WildPeak A/T3W Tires

ALPHAequipt Command 17x8.5 +10 Falken WildPeak A/T3W 265/70-17 on 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 4X4 Z71 LTZ with 2500 Hood and GrilleIn the middle of winter, it is very important to have the right tires for the job and conditions.  To improve our off-road performance, capabilities, and safety; we are equipping our Chevy Silverado 1500 with a set of ALPHAequipt Command wheels and Falken WildPeak A/T3W tires.

ALPHAequipt Alpha Command Wheel 17x8.5 +10 Chevy Silverado During our search for aggressive looking and performance-oriented wheels, we were excited to see that the ALPHAequipt Command wheels are available in a Silverado-specific lug pattern, width, and offset:  6X139 lug pattern, and 17×8.5 +10.  This is the same fitment as the Toyota 4-Runner, Tacoma, and Lexus GX platforms.  Tearing up fender liners during heavy off-roading or when making tight turns in a parking lot is not acceptable for our builds.  This size should give our truck an improved track-width and stance, while not affecting the steering lock or drivability.

ALPHAequipt has been around since 2019 and have gained substantial popularity in the Toyota, Ford, and Jeep 4X4 markets as well as niche vehicles like the Mercedes G-Wagon, Porsche Cayenne and Subaru crowds.  These wheels are becoming very common in the off-road and “overlanding” communities, especially in Southern California.   The availability of these widths and offsets means that most of the ALPHAequipt product line will fit many Chevrolet Silverados, Colorados, Suburbans, and Avalanches.

ALPHAequipt Command wheel valve stem protectionALPHAequipt believes in function as a priority.  All of their wheels feature dual-valve stems with one of them heavily shrouded to protect expensive TPMS sensors from damage during extreme rock-crawling.  Having dual valve stems also make for quick checking of pressures and constant airing-down and filling of tires.

ALPHAequipt Command wheel 17x8.5 barrel knurled beat seatKnurled surfaces on the outer barrel increase grip at the bead seat, which is important for preventing tires from slipping on the wheel, especially when running low pressures for extreme off-roading.  ALPHAequipt wheels look great, but they are truly designed to be pushed to the limits in harsh environments off-the-grid such as high-speed desert running and technical rock-crawling.

ALPHAequipt Command 17x8.5 +10 wheel backALPHAequipt wheels are low-pressure cast with A356 grade aluminum.  Often used as a substitute for 6061 aluminum, A356 is a casting alloy that is made up of 7% Silicon, 0.3% Magnesium, 0.2% Iron, and 0.10% Zinc.  It is commonly used for aircraft parts, pump housings, impellers, and structures where high strength are required.

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