WATCH: Building the Toyota 4AG-GE!


In today’s video we’re taking a look at a customer’s Toyota 4AG engine we’re building. This particular engine isn’t an all out crazy build, but we’ll touch on some of the things you could do if you wanted to get the max out of this little engine from the 90’s!

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  1. I really enjoyed this video! I’m glad that there has been continued advancement for this engine platform, although it’s not the strongest or can push out the biggest horsepower on a street-friendly engine, there’s just something about the way it sounds and revs. I had a decently built engine in my AE86 that I never had the chance to take advantage of it featured:
    -MR2 Big Port/3 Rib-
    HKS 272 Cams In/Ex
    Ferrera 3SGE titanium valves
    port and polish
    3-angle valve job
    Cannon intake manifold
    Weber 45 DCOE
    TRD 4-2-1 headers
    Cometic head gasket
    ARP hardware throughout
    Arias 11:1 comp pistons 81.5 mm
    4AGZE crank and rods (shot peened)

    And a bunch of MSD 6AL and various goodies to make it work…eventually the head gasket blew due to an incorrectly installed head stud but the carb life wasn’t for me.

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