Awesome … or Sacrilegious! Meet the Nissan NX K24 Swap.

I’m afraid that there’s a bit of hard parker in me. Every time I opened the hood and looked at the engine bay, the OEM fuel rail stared back at me. Back to K-Tuned and picked up their fuel rail and fuel pressure gauge package. Everything looks better now!

If you’re thinking about jumping into a project like this, then by all means go for it. But this is not a project that I would consider again. Should you go out and attempt this swap – probably not. But it is a project that I am happy to have. The creative powerhouse behind this unique build is absolutely AES Auto. Paulo, you are the man! Taylor, thank you for the skill and focus you brought to the table. If a creative swap is your dream, then by all means, go for it! Want a great team to work with, AES Auto is my first choice. Meantime, stay tuned for the next update that be a review of the Feal Suspension and the NX K24’s first trip out to the track. A quick spoiler – while there were a few minor glitches I was smiling all day long and the NX K24 was one of the last cars to come off of the track at the end of the day.

Huge thanks to the many enablers who have encouraged me on this journey. James Houghton, Jeremy Norquay, Bron Palko, Kyle Krunick, and Ronald Retandy. And there are so many more. 

The K24 is tuned for E85 and has a flex sensor so that it can run on premium fuel also. 281.6 whp on a Mustang dyno. These numbers have been verified by the butt dyno which absolutely says that this engine has plenty of get up and go!


Were you worried that I’d end without numbers – that simply cannot be. I cannot leave you hanging without providing these critical details. We all know that dyno numbers are relative, but in 2018 on this same dyno the 54C turbo put out 359 wheel horsepower.  In 2021 with the newly installed K24 the NX was back on AES Auto’s Mustang dyno where it developed 281.6 whp and 215.2 ft/lbs of torque from this naturally aspirated build. 200 whp is attained at about 5000 RPM and just before 5000 RPM 200 ft/lbs of torque is hit and that continutes through to about 7500 RPM. At this RPM the intake manifold’s limitations at upper RPM probably took 10 to 20 whp away. Although it’ll likely take more than a cut and ported RBC intake to hit the 300 whp mark. The question is, will I leave the RBC intake as is, or won’t I!

The History of Frank’s Nissan NX1600

MotoIQ articles from the GA16DE through the 54C SR20DET


Sean Leroux, Ronald Retandy, and Brent Martin of Martin’s Action Photography.


AES Auto

Feal Suspension


Unit 2 Fabrication

Exedy USA


Brian Crower

Drag Cartel

G-LOC Brakes

Fast Brakes

MMM Engineering

Country Tire Abbotsford



    1. Upgraded, thank you so much. You’re very aware of the struggle that I’ve had the last few years. And know that a lot of thought went into this decision. Thanks so much for introducing me to AES Auto!

  2. This K24 engine is simply silly fast. WHP drop from 360 to 280 – but at the first track day I was out all day and as long as I wanted each session with temps barely rising. I haven’t had a day like that with the DET ever.

    1. It’s like Honda put the things it learned in the past into the K24 and made available in many platforms — Decent power, good reliability with potential for upgrades.

  3. I don’t think we got a final pic of the subframe, but it seemed like there had to be more crossbracing than the one bar with the motor mounted in it, right?

    Also, that’s a 4-2-1 header that’s installed.

    Hey, congrats on the build. It should be bulletproof.

  4. A little sad to see the SR go, but nothing better than having a track car that just works every time and nothing to think about! 280whp on a mustang is plenty of power. It would probably trap 115-120mph in the 1/4.

  5. And for reference, my old B14 SE-R with T25 and JWT S3 cams put down 250whp on a dynoject and trapped 110mph. The poor stock VSLD wore out which made the car about worthless on an auto-x. Not too bad on a road course with big enough turns to keep from lighting up the inside tire.

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