Awesome … or Sacrilegious! Meet the Nissan NX K24 Swap.

It wasn’t Christmas but it certainly felt like it when the K-Tuned parts arrived! Incredible quality that makes me grin.


The moment that I saw this in James Houghton’s Integra Type R, I have wanted this shifter. The feel is fantastic and it is height adjustable. For a guy used to the Nissan’s shifter rods, the K-Tuned race-spec shifter cables are simply magical. My wife was with me at the track and looked at several other cars and commented, “You’re just copying all of your friends who have the same shifter!”. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of copying among friends!


The BIG Tube K-Swap Header from K-Tuned sounds as good as it looks! And it looks fantastic. It is mated to the VRS 3″ stainless steel exhaust that I had with the SR20DET. I’m still getting used to the K24 with the exhaust/intake being reversed from the SR20.


I thought that I was going to miss the GTi-R’s individual throttle bodies. Once I saw K-Tuned’s monster 80mm throttle body that was no longer a concern. And yes, Virginia, K-Tuned has even larger throttle bodies. It was Christmas when the K-Tuned parts were unboxed.


There are some things which are incredibly important in the world and a shift knob is not one of them. However, this K-Tuned shift knob is very comfortable and the knurling means that your hand is not going to slip. It isn’t important; but it is!


For the clutch, the awesome Exedy Hyper Single was selected. This light clutch offers a high clamp load that will absolutely be able to handle the torque and horsepower that our K24 produces, plus combined with the K-Tuned billet shifter will provide quick and precise shifting. The Hyper Single also comes with an aluminum cover that removes deflection. I’m so looking forward to precise clutch action. The pedal feel is remarkably light. So light, in fact, that coupled with the sensitive and large throttle body the first drive that I took in the parking looked like I was a manual transmission newbie out for their first lesson. This transmission and clutch setup also led to me obtaining an Altima hydraulic clutch pedal from an SR20 forum member to replace the cable clutch pedal in the NX (while I have had both a G20 and a B15 transmission, both had been converted to cable) to facilitate this new setup. Unfortunately, the clutch master cylinder was toast, but we were able to source a new Nissan unit, and once again we’re moving forward. And this time, literally, the NX K24 could move forward and backward under its own power! Major cheers occurred when this happened.



    1. Upgraded, thank you so much. You’re very aware of the struggle that I’ve had the last few years. And know that a lot of thought went into this decision. Thanks so much for introducing me to AES Auto!

  2. This K24 engine is simply silly fast. WHP drop from 360 to 280 – but at the first track day I was out all day and as long as I wanted each session with temps barely rising. I haven’t had a day like that with the DET ever.

    1. It’s like Honda put the things it learned in the past into the K24 and made available in many platforms — Decent power, good reliability with potential for upgrades.

  3. I don’t think we got a final pic of the subframe, but it seemed like there had to be more crossbracing than the one bar with the motor mounted in it, right?

    Also, that’s a 4-2-1 header that’s installed.

    Hey, congrats on the build. It should be bulletproof.

  4. A little sad to see the SR go, but nothing better than having a track car that just works every time and nothing to think about! 280whp on a mustang is plenty of power. It would probably trap 115-120mph in the 1/4.

  5. And for reference, my old B14 SE-R with T25 and JWT S3 cams put down 250whp on a dynoject and trapped 110mph. The poor stock VSLD wore out which made the car about worthless on an auto-x. Not too bad on a road course with big enough turns to keep from lighting up the inside tire.

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