Battle Evome at Tsukuba Circuit – Part 2



Battle Evome Evos
The Evome battle originated as an Evo time attack event and there were quite a few of them present as well.


yber Evo
Close-up – the proud Varis HRS MK Cyber Evo 5 went around Tsukuba in 59”3, which is not at all its best time on this track.


Evo 9 RS

Right next to it in the pits was this evil-looking 9 RS…


Evo 9 RS

…with massive semi slick tires and more holes on its fender than a piece of Swiss cheese, but they serve a purpose.

Lancer Evo

And another awesome Evo.


Totomaru Evolution Evo

But my personal favourite was the Totomaru Evolution with a colour that you gotta have balls to drive; or maybe no balls at all for that matter.

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