Battle Evome at Tsukuba Circuit – Part 2


R32 Skyline

R32 Skyline GT-R

Sivias took the first places but there were some Skylines running as well and these two R32s turned respectable 58” times.


R34 Skyline GT-R

Another 59-second car was this red BNR34.

 Cars Around the Track

As interesting as track action was, head-turning cars were all around, so I took my time to look around – here were some of the other vehicles that caught my eye.

This GT-R was kind of in a hurry, I just took a quick shot at it while it was around, hence the slightly smudged front end.


Nissan Stagea
The cars parked around don’t get much attention, probably because this sight is not uncommon at all on the streets here.  Check out this Nissan Stagea – as much as I don’t quite fancy this car, the  killer color goes so well with those wheels, you have to give it to it – looks damn well.


The Evo 10 looks a little bit rough and big and heavy next to the graceful white S15, they look kind of like a couple there.



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