Battle Evome at Tsukuba Circuit – Part 2


Purposeful looking GT-R.


There was another group of track day guys, getting ready for the circuit after the Evome Battle, which ended around 11AM, so there was plenty of time and perfect weather for some more track action… Unfortunately could only catch the preview, so to speak, as I had to leave, but still – there are some nice shots from the paddock.


Some very rough bodywork improvements there…


Toyota Supra Twin Turbo
…which I’ve got to say – I like. It has this feeling of the sleep-deprived hours spent alone in the garage.


Nissan Pulsar GTi-R
I was pleasantly surprised to see this Pulsar – with a low power-to-weight ratio, this AWD beasty is like a terrier –  small and compact, but very aggressive and fast.   Correction, it's actually a FWD Toyota Starlet GT Turbo… still a very cool car.


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