Blacktrax Performance S2000 Motorsport Makeover: Part 2 – Cage Fabrication


Next, the rear supports are measured, cut, and welded in. The mounting for these pieces are just in front of the rear suspension, which make these the rear-most points of the cage.


Chris making sure the pieces fit together before welding.
These rear supports to the metal pads that were welded onto the chassis in Part 1.

Next, the A-pillar bars are measured and put in and go from the main hoop, along the roofline, and down into the footwells of the car.


The original support for the dash and steering mounting is removed and will later be replaced by more lightweight, thinner chromoly steel.

Next, tubing is measured and cut to connect the two A-pillars at the top, across the top of the windshield frame.


Doug Peterson, founder of CT Engineering, closely measuring the distance between the two A-Pillar bars.
If there's sparks, we have to get a photo of it. 

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