Blacktrax Performance S2000 Motorsport Makeover: Part 2 – Cage Fabrication


Some of the final parts of this cage build are the door bars. The driver side gets curved, NASCAR-style door bars for a little more strength and room for the driver. In the event of an accident in wheel-to-wheel competition, the protruding door bars will give the driver even more room should the impact be hard enough to bend or deflect the cage at all. The passenger side gets the simpler X-style door bars, which are still quite effective in protecting occupants in a crash.


This is the driver side, NASCAR-style door bar. They curve out a little bit to allow for more driver comfort and protection.
A closer look at the welds on the driver side door bar.
A new window net is attached to the door bar. 
The passenger side gets a more basic, but still effective, conventional X-style door bar. The dashboard is put back in at this point too.

Remember how we said one of the requirements for the cage was to have the hardtop and driver still fit? Well, in order to create some clearance for the cage, the inner layer of the carbon fiber hardtop had to be cut out, which also removed seven pounds from it. In doing this, we also had to create new brackets for the carbon fiber top to bolt on as well. In these photos, you can see the clearance with the inner layer removed and also the new brackets.


The angle here makes it a little hard to tell, but there isn't much clearance between the cage and the top at all.

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