Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 2


The dry sump’s air/oil separator is bolted to the transaxle’s internal dry sump tank and plumbed to the pump and heat exchanger.
The Fuel Safe discriminator valve is plumbed into the fuel cell vent and bolted to the firewall.

The valve lets air pass but not fluid. This keeps fuel from spewing out of the fuel cell vent in the case of an accident or rollover.


The Bosch 044 Motorsports fuel pump is clamped to the chassis and plumbed to the fuel cell and engine with AN fittings and braided steel lines.

The pump is mounted as low as possible in the chassis in relation to the fuel cell to reduce the stress caused by forcing the pump to self-prime all the time. The fuel filter is just above the pump.

Note the extensive use of high-quality AN components and lines throughout the car’s plumbing. This reduces the likelihood of failure in the other major area of DNF’s: a car’s plumbing.  With top notch and properly installed plumbing and wiring, reliability greatly increases.


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