Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 2


All the cables and sensors for the data logging and the no lift to shift system were in place and the wires being fitted to build the engine harness.
The rear wing is fitted and bolted into place on the back of the transaxle.

The rear transaxle is load bearing and carries both the wing and rear suspension loads.


The main body and windscreen are preliminarily fitted.

The bodywork required a lot of hand fitting and edge sanding to get it to fit perfectly like all composite panels do. The body was painstakingly installed, marked, sanded and refitted until everything fit perfectly.

This degree of analness isn’t required but it sure makes for a better looking car.  Sanding was done with a small belt sander and various hand sanders and a jitterbug. It was done outdoors because the dust is highly irritating to the eyes and skin.


The dry break for the fuel cell is fitted to the roof skin.
The installation of the dash, the radio, rear view monitor, the related wiring and the rest of the interior parts like the pedal box and brake bias adjuster are completed.
The front suspension is now installed to the main chassis. The suspension consists of classic unequal length A-arms.

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