Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 2


The brake’s rotors are Stoptech’s AeroRotors.  AeroRotors are a two-piece design and are fully floating to reduce distortion caused by thermal expansion.

The AeroRotor vanes are designed using CFD for flow optimization and flow up to 30% more than most directional vane racing rotors on the market. The AeroRotors are made of Stoptechs proprietary alloy of gray iron with molybdenum that is crack and warp resistant with a consistent coefficient of friction.

The rotors are attached to the hats with aircraft quality drive pins and heat-resistant Inconel washers. The hats have directional stand offs that circulate air between the hat and the rotor improving cooling and reducing heat transfer to the hat and hub.

The rear suspension bolts directly to the transaxle and is an unequal length A-arm, pushrod activated design like the front suspension.

A cool feature is that the uprights, and hubs are the same part in all 4 corners. The rear upper control arms are the same in the right to left sides. However, the lower arms are different. This feature minimizes the number of spares a racer has to have in inventory and simplifies repairs in case of an accident.

You can see how the cast alloy upright is cleverly designed as a mirror image so it can be used on any corner of the car.

The pushrod activated MCS shocks are mounted to the top of the transaxle where they can easily be adjusted and serviced. The shocks are fed motion through a rising rate rocker.  The whole NP01 is designed for easy serviceability by a one man team club racer.

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