Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 2


The interior wiring, harness mounts and fire system plumbing is finalized.
The fuel cell is mounted in place.
The right side floor is installed  and the beautiful Burns Stainless header is bolted to the engine and mounted to the chassis. The Burns header features Burn’s awesome merged collector and is fabricated from thinwall 321 stainless tubing.
The Burns header feeds into a Magnaflow stainless muffler. The big muffler was selected to help the car meet sound restrictions and for long term durability over some of the super lightweight race mufflers on the market. After the muffler, the exhaust exits out the top of the right side side-pod just like the big cars.
The guys from Motorsports Electronics came down to build the mil-spec wire harness and sub harnesses for the car. This was quite a step up from the basic wire harness that comes with the kit. In terms of long-term durability and ease of maintenance, this is always money well spent on any race car.

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