Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 3


Andrew spent hours and hours fitting and hand sanding the edges of every panel to make the fit perfect. He then fitted the panels using button head, stainless allen bolts instead of rivets. This can pay off big time later as the panels are now easy to remove and replace.

Andrew installs the rear wing. The side gurneys on the end plates help wing effectiveness. Although some big boy cars have them, we are a little surprised that the NP01 has them too.

The front splitter and nose undertray are installed at this time. This is made of carbon fiber and the undertray is made of super hard pressed wood similar to Jabroc. The side parts of the splitter are made separately, so the three underparts of the splitter can be replaced individually. This can save costs.

An under view of the splitter and the flat bottom undertray.

The front aero parts of the car minus the nose section. The aluminum box-like structure is the crash attenuator. It is designed to crush and give a more gradual deceleration in the case of a nose-in violent crash.

The rear suspension, Enkei wheels, and Toyo tires are all installed and ready to go.

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