Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 3


The Stoptech NP01 flies down the corkscrew.


The Laguna test was used to develop the car’s basic setup. However, the car was working quite well before the test, and the setup came in very easily.


Ever since the Stoptech team assembled and shook down the NP01, it has proven to be the fastest and most competitive NP01 built to date. It has set lap records, earned pole positions, and won at most of the races it entered.

What is impressive is the Stoptech team’s domination of a spec series. This goes to that if proper attention is spent on the details in assembly, testing, setup, and driving that consistent, winning is possible even in a series with all identical cars. The Stoptech team has shown us how it’s done and their car’s consistent winning performance proves it.


Check out our driving impressions of the NP01 press car.

To read about how the build of our car started check this out!

Part two of putting it all together look at this!


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