Building a NASA NP01 Prototype the Right Way with Stoptech! Part 3


The wrap film shrinks with the application of heat. A torch is used to shrink the wrap so that it can get the final wrinkles out and fit around tight corners.

The Stoptech NP01 is really starting to come together and look great!

Cut tape is used to make precise and clean cuts in the film. Cut tape is a thin tape with something like dental floss in it that is tucked under the film.

When the film is put in place, the floss is pulled, cutting the tape perfectly. This is way better and less damaging than using a razor blade, for instance.


With the wrap installed, the car went out for a minor shakedown at Willow Springs. This was just to make sure all systems checked out and to make sure there weren’t any leaks.

Since the car was meticulously assembled, and everything was checked and double-checked beforehand at the shop, everything worked flawlessly during testing.


The rest of the livery was installed, and the car had another shakedown at Laguna Seca. Like the MotoIQ logos?


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