Civic SI – RAYS Gram Light 57xtreme and Nitto Motivo


The SP SPEC variation of the 57Xtreme is finished in gunmetal gray and adds staggered light-grey colored detents in each spoke that says “I'm a top of the model kind of guy/girl.”  Being a premium wheel, RAYS includes hard metal valve stems and we chose to include the controversial option of center caps.  No exposed front axles for us thank you!


RAYS option parts center caps
For some folks this is a super controversial addition. We don't understand what the big deal is; they cover the axles and brake disks.


57xtreme spspec
57Xtreme close-up; you can see the detailed machine work here.  The detents look white from a distance.  There appears to be a protective coating over the detents and the entire wheel to keep brake dust at bay.  We'll probably wax the wheels anyways to keep them super easy to clean in the long run.


RAYS reinforcement ring


57xtreme sp spec
The blue ring on the back of the wheel is not a spacer to increase offset – it's a rigidity ring that helps keep the weight of the wheel down while maintaining strength to meet the standards of JWL+R Spec 1.


Simple Wheel Offset Explanation

The lower the wheel offset the closer the wheel is to the fender.  The higher the wheel offset the more its moved towards the car.  The 18.5” 33 offset 57Xtreme is also designed to clear big brake calipers on the Supra, Z, Skyline and Impreza so, we're hoping this choice pays off for clearance issues when we upgrade to big brakes later.


RAYS option parts lugnuts and wheel locks
When you're going to spring for a set of RAYS wheels you should also get these killer lug nuts and wheel locks.  The detail and craftsmanship that go into their parts keep us coming back again and again.  I wanted to line all the lugnuts in an orderly fashion, Jeff preferred the random jumble.  Read into that whatever you will (wink).  It's his studio so he had the final say.


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