Civic SI – RAYS Gram Light 57xtreme and Nitto Motivo


We absolutely dread getting tires mounted on wheels due to the fear of damage from installers.  Even though these guys work in an industry where time is money it's hard to have sympathy when someone un-apologetically damages your expen$ive wheels. We've had mixed results with all kinds of tire shops except for the America's Tire on Torrance Blvd in Torrance, CA.  Skyline GTR's are a pretty regular thing at this shop and they treat the customers car like they are their own pride and joy.


Brush the brake disk
I've never seen a tire shop dust off the brake disk with a wire wheel before.  I was impressed right away.  As an Easter egg those that look closely can tell what suspension we’re running on the car with that article following soon.


 No Touch Tire Machine
The no touch tire machine is a must.  Absolutely no part of the machine comes into contact with a visible part of the wheel.  Plenty of 'goop' is used to stretch the tire over the rim.  These guys worked so fast it was hard to capture pictures of the process.


 Americas Tire Hand Tighten Lugnuts
Once again we're totally impressed here.  Rather than just blast the lug-nuts on with an impact wrench which could strip the wheel studs or worse bounce around on the wheel they hand tighten each lug-nut and torque the nuts properly with a torque wrench.


Americas Tire Baged Old Tires
Not impressed yet?  I brought towels to protect the interior of the car from the dirty stock wheels.  I didn't need them.


 Civic SI Americas Tire
MotoIQ's first project Hellaflush!  Only kidding, we didn’t have a chance to align the car or set the ride height before getting the wheels and tires mounted.


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