Civic SI – RAYS Gram Light 57xtreme and Nitto Motivo


Nitto Motivo Profile


For tires we went in a different direction with the all new Nitto Motivo; sized 225/40/18.  See our previous Nitto tire comparison. The Motivo is an all season tire designed to perform in all weather conditions providing increased mileage, comfort and minimal road noise.  Lofty goals for a tire which in our case has marginally taller than a rubber band size 40 series sidewalls.


Nitto Motivo Treadblocks
The outer treadblock on the Motivo provides enhanced dry cornering performance, four wide circumferential grooves improve water evacuation.  The centerline rib provides straight-line stability and the multiwave sipes on both ends of the tire stabilize handling in all weather conditions and resist irregular wearing.


Hardcore enthusiasts should gravitate towards Nitto's NT05 but the truth is most cars never see the track and the costs of increased performance are less comfort, more road noise, shorter tread-life, decreased wet performance and absolutely no snow driving.  The Motivo carries a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty, W & Y speed ratings (168+mph folks) which will get nods from powerful sedans all over the world. With a wide range of sizes and low profile fitments like our SI you can still have the aggressive look you're after and the margin of safety no matter what the weather conditions are.  If you need one tire with the ability to handle multiple climates, get you there comfortably, with low noise and performance above most OE tires the Motivo is worth a serious consideration.  On our previous test of the Motivo's they performed better in the wet than the Jaguar XF OE tire did in the dry.


Motivo advantage in the wet


Jaguar XF Nitto Motivo
Here's the Motivo in action on our test with the Jag XF. It kicked some major ass on the soaked course we had to play on for the day.  The traction control and ABS were far less intrusive which equals more driver confidence when the weather takes a turn for the worse.


Nitto Motivo and RAYS 57xtreme
The Motivo has a nice aggressive look to the sidewall.  Nobody will know you're enjoying a quiet ride with 60,000 miles of road before you are ready for another set.  Bless your stingy heart! 


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