CSF Releases Porsche 911/930 Performance Retromod OEM Oil Cooler Replacement

If you have a classic air-cooled Porsche 911/930 made from 1965 to 1989, CSF Cooling has THE oil cooler for you! With the current popularity of restoring and modifying these models, CSF saw a need in the market and produced a part that looks OEM, fits perfectly and performs better than the original cooler that was designed in the 60s by Porsche OEM supplier Behr.

This part had not been available from Porshe for some time and it was standard procedure to ultrasonically clean the old oil cooler when rebuilding one of these air-cooled engines. However, this can be problematic as sometimes the cleaning resulted in leaks as corrosion and debris that might have been plugging things up get removed.  Cleaning did not restore the cooler’s cast base which is prone to warping and porosity, the latter often getting aggravated by aggressive cleaning.

Another issue is that Porsche has started to re-issue many parts for the older 911s through the Porsche Classic program.  Unfortunately, the reproduced coolers have been seemingly built to a lower quality than the original and have been known to leak. Because of these issues, CSF decided to produce an oil cooler that looks like an OEM cooler for the restoration and retromod market, exchanging perfectly with the OEM part that offers better performance in every way.

When building a new engine, especially on an older car, it is prudent to replace your oil cooler as old coolers tend to get internally coated with sludge and combustion byproducts over time, losing efficiency even on well-maintained cars.  Even worse is that old coolers tend to become reservoirs for metallic particles and debris accumulated over the years, which if they become dislodged, can cause damage to your new engine.  Since you should replace that old cooler, why not replace it with a better-performing, higher-quality part?

To ensure a superior product CSF teamed up with Porsche experts SV Auto and Euro Parts West.  Their expertise and feedback ensured that the cooler would work correctly and fit all of the generations of Porsche air-cooled engines.

These fitting the CSF supplies with each cooler are an example of some features that came out of this Porsche expert collaboration.  They allow a single cooler to be applied to a wide range of cars while providing better performance and quality than the original.

The interchangeable fittings are CNC machined from stainless steel.  The wide mouth fitting here is for the 65-71 models.   This fitting fits perfectly to these cars’ OEM plumbing and flows 50% more than the OEM part!

The slip-on hose bib fitting is for the 72-89 models.  Both fittings flow more and the stainless steel material is much stronger and more durable than the OEM aluminum or mild steel parts.  Having switchable fittings allows the cooler to service a wide range of cars while offering better than OEM flow characteristics.

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