CSF Releases Porsche 911/930 Performance Retromod OEM Oil Cooler Replacement

The CSF cooler is finished with a ceramic Ceracote heat-dispersing coating that is a close match to the original color but protects the cooler from corrosion while improving its performance, all while being much more durable than paint.  Ceracote is harder and more abrasion-resistant than the aluminum substrate it is protecting!

To make the CSF cooler much stronger, stiffer, and burst-resistant, CSF has added these reinforcing bars to the core in between the tubes.  This allows the cooler to withstand up to 290 psi.

The CSF cooler has 7 rows of tubes and 8 rows of fins, The fins work better at dissipating heat than OEM and the tubes have better flow for less pressure drop across the core.

The OEM Behr cast cooler base is known to develop porosity over time, and warp leading to cracks and leaks.  CSF attacked this area by developing a far superior part to replace it on their cooler.

The CSF cooler base is CNC machined out of stiff non-porous aluminum billet. The base is machined with stiffening ribs.  The improved stiffness assures that the sealing o-rings get adequate compression to assure a leak-free seal.

Even though the CSF cooler has the same dimensional footprint as the OEM cooler, it is 8% more effective in dissipating heat!

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