CSF Releases Porsche 911/930 Performance Retromod OEM Oil Cooler Replacement

The CSF cooler also has an 8% less pressure drop than the stock part.  Less pressure drop means your engine’s bearings and valvetrain see more oil for better lubrication!

During the development of the CSF cooler, the OEM part and all of its fitting interfaces were digitized to ensure that the CSF cooler would fit perfectly.

You can see that as a retro-modern upgraded part, the envelope that the cooler has to fit in is very tight.  Note that the CSF cooler has details like the relief to simplify servicing the spark plug.

Since the cooler depends on the fan cooling airflow, the OEM shrouds and air guides must fit perfectly.  As you can see in the picture of a fully installed CSF cooler, they do it with no gaps or leakage to ensure that all the air flows through the core.

So if you are building a retro-modern air-cooled Porsche or restoring your old 911, not only is the CSF oil cooler cheaper than a new OEM unit, but it is of higher quality and performs better as well.  Its 10-year warranty makes it a no-brainer choice!

Check out our video featuring the CSF cooler on a super-built air-cooled Porsche engine!


CSF Racing

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