Dai Yoshihara’s Two Week Wonder, GT Channel’s Time Attack 350Z


SPL also uses an adjustment collar and locknut so the links can be adjusted on the car which greatly speeds the adjustment process, an important feature when dialing in the car at the track. Another really cool feature is the hybrid clamp which is a billet aluminum locking clamp that allows you to lock down the adjustment of the link before tightening the jam nut–keeping the alignment from shifting when locking the adjustment down. It is a very innovative time saving feature. Any of you who have had to make chassis adjustments at the track in a time crunch between sessions will immediately appreciate this feature.

whiteline 350z rear swaybar
Whiteline’s rear swaybar is adjustable and has adjustable spherical bearing equipped end links.

Whiteline supplied a set of adjustable antisway bars and spherical bearing endlinks. The solid Whiteline parts are stiffer than their tubular stock counterparts. The Whiteline bars have a high quality glossy and rust resistant powdercoated finish. The antisway bars are precisely bent for excellent fit. The Whiteline bars come with urethane bushings and brackets and are 3-way adjustable for easy between-session tuning. The bars adjustment makes about a 30% difference in overall roll stiffness so they are a very useful tuning tool. Whiteline also provided their spherical bearing end links. The endlinks are adjustable in length for the optimal angularity when set in different holes. The adjustable length can also eliminate bar preload when corner weighing the car.

Whiteline also provided hard urethane subframe bushings which eliminated the stock soft squishy rubber bushings. The stock bushings allow nearly one full inch of movement with the cornering force generated by sticky tires making the car feel unstable. These bushings are really important for any 350Z requireing good handling.

350Z VOLK TE37 and Falken RT615
Forged Volk TE37’s have it all–looks, lightweight and strength.  Falken RT615’s are grippy for street tires!

Traction was provided by Falken RT615 tires.  On the front, 245/35-18s were mounted to 18×10″ Volk TE37 lightweight forged wheels. In the rear 295/40-18 were used mounted to 18×11″ Volk TE37s. The RT615 is the same tire used on Dai’s Formula D drift machine and is one of the stickier non-race compound tires on the market. The functionality of Volk’s forged wheels cannot be questioned as they are some of the lightest and strongest wheels on the market–essential for true track use.

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