Dedicated Motorsports’ 255MPH GT-R


Despite the “fully built” nature of the car, Andrew and Matt basically started over, treating things like they were starting with a freshly Brink Motorsports-caged chassis. Despite being a full-time race car, the GT-R still retains a mostly complete stock interior. It tips the scales at 3927lb WITHOUT the driver — and Mark is built like (and weighs what) an NFL linebacker does.
At the heart of this land-missile is still basically a Nissan GT-R VR38DETT motor, although a thoroughly reworked one. Precision Engine Service machined and assembled the short block, and Dedicated took care of the rest of the long block. A Bryant Racing billet crank was mated to GRP aluminum rods and Manley Extreme Duty pistons, but the engine retained its factory bore and stroke.
Given the downfalls and issues that are known about with the stock GT-R oiling system, Dedicated opted for a Magnus Motorsports dry sump with a Petersen Fluid Systems tank up front. Total capacity is 9 quarts. The intercoolers were built with twin Garrett W2A cores. The cap at the top of the photo is the filler neck for the ice/water reservoir that feeds the intercoolers via a Meziere pump.
The head received just as much attention, with CNC porting from Dedicated. Ferrea stainless valves are bumped around by Kelford 276-degree cams. An AMS carbon-fiber intake manifold helps the Texas atmosphere get rammed into the motor.
Rounding out the suck, squish, bang and blow (Andrew still has a bound notebook with Kojima’s infamous article series at the shop) is a pair of Xonarotor XR4580HTZ 80mm turbochargers. Twin TiAL V60 wastegates get rid of the excess exhaust, but there isn’t much when you’re making 60 PSI of boost. Fun fact – the car couldn’t get all of the power down during the run, and was effectively traction limited to generating “only” 48PSI of boost. Who knows what the future holds…

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