Dedicated Motorsports’ 255MPH GT-R


The exhaust side exits? You guessed it — designed and placed through work with Velox.
The drag wing, too, is the product of the collaboration between Dedicated Motorsports and Velox Motorsports.
Rounding out the outside of the car, and as is pretty common on most fast mile cars, is a Simpson chute, “neatly” tucked away into the trunk until it’s time to get packed and armed.

Propelling R35 GTRs at these speeds is brand new. No one is really sure what’s going to happen. Every time the car comes back in one piece is a victory. That 2160HP of 255MPH fury was able to have essentially nothing go wrong through every gear for 18 full-throttle seconds is a testament to the build quality and foresight of the Dedicated Motorsports team.

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