Dedicated Motorsports’ 255MPH GT-R


All that hot exhaust needs to go somewhere, wastegate or not, and a beautifully fabricated set of manifolds using Burns Stainless collectors and 321 stainless tubing helps it get there.
The engine runs about 85PSI of fuel pressure that is produced by a mechanical Kinsler pump driven by a cable from the transmission bellhousing, sending the VP Import fuel through twelve (12!) 1300cc Injector Dynamics injectors. The setup is good for 2160HP. Originally, Dedicated wanted the car to run methanol, but they just didn’t have the time or the parts on hand to make it happen. That change is likely to happen soon.
As we’ve discussed in other articles about mile-type cars, heat management is critical. You are basically going full-throttle for 18-20+ seconds, which turns a lot of dead dinosaurs into forward velocity and heat.
Dedicated built a custom radiator using a Denso core, and the entire intercooler and radiator setup is housed in a custom front chromoly structure that also suspends the turbos.
Once you’ve generated all of this heat, power, noise and boost, it has to get to the ground. With all that power on tap, a stock transmission just wasn’t going to hold up. John Shepherd is the man when it comes to R35 GT-R transmissions. Mark’s car packs ShepTrans Stage 5.5 internals into the Borg Warner GR6 transmission, using a ProMax 12-plate clutch. The front and rear differentials along with the other running gear are stock.

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