Dedicated Motorsports’ 255MPH GT-R


The Nissan GT-R has had a high level of electronic sophistication for quite some time, even back in the relatively “raw” R32 days. But Dedicated Motorsports takes it to a new level with their powertrain management. A MoTeC M150 ECU is paired with a MoTeC C125 full-color datalogging dashboard to control and document everything that happens. There are Pirelli World Challenge cars that don’t pack as much punch in the powertrain management department.
While the suspension is not all that “high tech”, it is high end. Ohlins ‘Road & Track’ coilovers off the shelf are employed but will be re-valved and re-sprung in the future using the data they gathered on the 255MPH run. Part of that data included potentiometers on the shocks to measure deflection and how the car was handling throughout the run. The MoTeC setup also uses this data in addition to wheel speed and other information for traction control purposes.
Ultimately the buck stops with the wheels, tires, and brakes. Finnspeed F5 forged wheels are wrapped in Hoosier R7 slicks and the party is halted by an AMS brake kit that uses OE GT-R calipers in conjunction with carbon ceramic ZR1 Corvette rotors.
As speeds increase, the aerodynamic footprint of the vehicle becomes very important. Significant power starts to be used just to be able to punch a hole in the air for the car to go through, rather than to actually accelerate the vehicle. Dedicated Motorsports feels that this is an area where they have a special advantage.
In partnership with Velox Motorsports, detailed CAD models of the GT-R were constructed and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tests were run to determine optimal shapes and placement for aero components. Dedicated Motorsports plans to use their experience and data from running these mile and longer events to work with Velox Motorsports to produce a line of CFD-validated and real-world tested dry carbon aero components for the R35.
The turbocharger inlets, for example, are placed and designed based on specifications done by and CFD modeling performed by Velox.

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