Detailing 111: Wax Tech


If you really want to get the best durability out of your wax, consider prepping the surface further with isopropyl alcohol (IPA).  In a spray bottle prepare a solution of ~25% alcohol with distilled water and spray a light mist onto the paint surface.  With a clean and soft microfiber cloth, gently wipe the surface until dry, turning to a dry section of cloth as needed.  This helps to strip the surface down to its “truest” condition by removing any oils, soaps, or waxes that are otherwise not removed during a normal wash.


Blackfire spray polymer CHD Detailing 111

For this demonstration I’ll be using the Blackfire line of products, which is a favorite of mine.  First up we have the Wet Diamond Polymer Spray, which is a light duty cleaner that lays down a bit of polymer protection as well.  This product is best used after a weekly wash to help prolong one of Blackfire’s dedicated LSPs, either the Wet Diamond sealant or Midnight Sun carnauba wax.


Detailing 111 read the directions

Remember, read the directions!  I know, it goes against my instincts too, but to achieve the best results it is crucial to understand the subtle differences in otherwise similar products, and manufacturers do their best to print some insight right on the bottle.


Misting the panel

As directed, begin with a light mist on the panel.  The lighter the mist the better, if the polymer spray applies too thin, you can always spray a little more.  Conversely, if you spray it too thick from the onset you’ll have a harder time getting an even, streak free finish!


Connor Harrison CHD Detailing 111

Work the product onto the surface with a clean and soft microfiber cloth, using light pressure and a gentle circular motion.  After a few panels the microfiber can become a bit damp with product, so switch to a dry section of cloth as needed.  Sprays are the least finicky to apply as all you really have to do is spray and wipe!


Blackfire Wet Diamond CHD Detailing 111

Next up is Blackfire’s liquid sealant which is dubbed Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection.  It is incredibly easy to apply and offers an excellent combination of durability and looks.  Start off with a clean microfiber cloth and an applicator.

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