Detailing 111: Wax Tech


Lastly we have the Blackfire Midnight Sun carnauba wax, a premium product that is a great compliment to the Wet Diamond sealant.  Again we are using a clean microfiber and a fresh applicator.


Swipe across the surface of the wax with a clean foam applicator.  You don’t want to try and ‘scoop’ the wax out and you don’t need to be heavy handed, just a few quick very light swipes across the surface is all that is needed here.


You should barely be able to see any wax on the applicator when it is properly primed.  If its noticeably thick it will be more difficult to create a very thin layer, which will again waste product and be more difficult to remove.  The thinner you can apply it the better!  


Work the wax onto the surface gently with light pressure in concentric circles.  Going over the same area a few times can help spread the wax into a thin and even coat.  Extra care should taken while applying your wax to ensure that you don’t wipe it on any plastic or rubber trim, as it may create white staining.  This is the same process we did when we applied the sealant.  


Thin is king!  Both the carnauba and sealant were applied a bit thicker than normal for the sake of photographing the surface, when you apply your own wax it should be less noticeable than this. Fortunately both Wet Diamond and Midnight Sun are still very easy to remove when over applied. 


Midnight Sun is very user friendly and doesn’t require any time to cure.  It is referred to as a ‘wipe on, wipe off’  type of wax; you can remove it from the surface immediately after application, working panel by panel.

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