Detailing 111: Wax Tech


Sealant application detailing 111 CHD

Apply some sealant onto the applicator…


Sealant Spread Evenly Detailing 111

…and work it in with your fingers.  This primes the applicator and ensures that you get a nice even coat from the first swipe.


Next, add a few small drops onto the primed applicator pad.  It is now ready to apply to the paint.


Using very light pressure, work the product onto the surface with overlapping circles.  Whether you do a thick coat or a thin coat, the product will only bond to the very surface of the paint.  A thick coat is more difficult to remove and just wastes product, so spread the sealant out as thin as possible.


Here is a thin, even coat of sealant.  If you have to squint to see the sealant, or if it is only visible from a certain angle, then you have made a properly thin coat!



Allow the product to cure for a few minutes and then wipe the surface to a clear and glossy sheen.  Some products require a longer cure time, and some can be removed immediately after application, here is another reason why reading the label is important.


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