Detailing 111: Wax Tech



…and voila!  A clean and shiny car from any angle you look at it.
For the best combination of durability and looks, you can apply a sealant first and then top it with a carnauba wax second.  When layering LSPs in this method, it is important to allow the polymers in the sealant enough time to fully cure and crosslink across the paint surface.  A good rule of thumb is to allow a minimum of 8 hours after applying the sealant, before you apply the wax.  
And for heaven's sake, START with a clean SURFACE! Our first article gave you the necessary steps and product recommendations to clean your canvas. 
If this picture does not look familiar that means you missed the first installment. Click it and read it so your finishing job comes out proper. 
Key points to take away:
  • Always read the directions.
  • Carnauba wax is renowned for the deep warm glow and ‘wet look’ it imparts.   
  • Sealants are king when it comes to long lasting protection.
  • Spray waxes/sealants are a great way to boost previously applied LSPs; use them monthly or bi-monthly.
  • Always work on a clean paint surface, and only use clean cloths and applicators.
  • Apply your products as thin as possible.  It saves unnecessary work, and doesn’t waste product.
  • Always read the directions.
Next up, we will be covering the various methods available to deep clean your paint and remove bonded contaminants!  So stay tuned!

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