E46 BMW M3 Turbo: Part 2 – Splitter, diffuser, 3.5-in exhaust, and dyno testing!

Previously, we installed a set of Forgestar wheels and Michelin PS2 tires in order to tame this car’s ridiculous power.  Today, the white sleeper M3 is back for more goodies.

E46 BMW M3 Turbo: Part 2 – Splitter, diffuser, 3.5-in exhaust, and dyno testing!

It now looks better, and the new exhaust sound rocks!

by Pablo Mazlumian

In Part 1 we took this turbocharged sleeper to the next level aesthetically with the addition of a set of gold 19-in Forgestar CF5V wheels wrapped with Michelin PS2 summer tires.  The tires alone dramatically improved the car’s overall feel in handling and braking.  Plus, the upgrades have significantly improved straight-line traction, which we bet the car’s tuned Racelogic traction control appreciates when trying to put all of that silly horsepower to the ground. 

Today we’ll be getting after the final exterior aesthetic touches with the help of a Bavarian Autosport splitter and BimmerWorld’s trick single-exit diffuser designed for the Magnaflow 3.5-in race muffler, which we also test on the dyno as well.

Bavarian Autosport has been a long time friend of mine.  We’ve partnered up with a few other BMW projects dating back nearly 15 years ago.  The company is one of the elite few to have such long-term success in this highly competitive industry.  In fact, they’ve recently celebrated their 40th anniversary!  Even more special, they’ve got employees there like Gordon Arnold (who you see in most of their DIY videos) who’s been there for over 30 of those.  That, there, is a high-level aftermarket company.

Along with aftermarket upgrades, Bav Auto also sells a plethora of OE replacement components for most BMWs, and usually at prices that can’t be beat anywhere else online.  They’ve been my go-to guys for OE parts ever since I got into this business.


The Bavarian Autosport front splitter is made of carbon fiber and designed to fit the OE E46 M3 front bumper.  If you think you might recognize it, that’s probably because we also installed one of these in our own Project E46 M3 (the silver car). 

We’ll be installing BimmerWorld’s single-exit race diffuser, which is also made of carbon fiber.

In order to fit that diffuser, we won’t be able to use an OE-style exhaust with quad tips.  So we’ll be installing this Magnaflow 3.5-in race exhaust, which is exclusively made for BimmerWorld.

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